Based in the UK, I have over 20 years experience working on fashion photographic shoots, mainly on large mail order catalogues, brochures and magazines.
And I still get a buzz when a shoot comes together. I love the creativity involved and enjoy building and leading a successful team all working with the same
aim - achieving great pictures that sell clothes, whilst still having fun.

I have a relaxed approach, and I am extremely organised, with an excellent address book of contacts - a necessity in this business, as far as I'm concerned.
I'm enthusiastic and a good communicator so that whichever team I'm working with is as focused and clear as I am about the needs of the customer and the
business I am working for. I set and achieve high standards for myself and for you.

What can I offer? My personal expertise:

* Scheduling and Planning the Production Process
* Proposal and Control of Budgets
* Fee Negotiation
* Image / Style Setting
* Model Casting
* Location and Studio Recces
* Full Photographic Shoot Organisation and Production Responsibility
* Layout and Photographic Briefing
* Art Direction and Image Selection
* Brand Communication through Image and Graphics
* Copywriting
* Page Make-up & Proof Approval

So thinking of a shoot? Contact me - I can help.